VR toolkit for teaching nursing assistants
[ongoing project]

In collaboration with the Deutsche Rote Kreuz Akademie in Eutin, Schleswig-Holstein, we are developing a VR toolkit for teachers, ensuring the continued education of nursing assistants in a life-like digital environment.

The project is being financed by the Wirtschaftsfoerderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein, GmBH (WTSH).
SisterCity-Life Project
[ongoing project]

The SisterCity-Life project connects 4 artists from two sister cities. In this first iteration the twins are San Francisco (America) and Kiel (Germany).

Edinburgh 70 (GearVR, Oculus Go)


Edinburgh 70 (free download available over here) or through BBC Arts Online is available for the GearVR and the Oculus Go.
For those of you without these devices, the youtuber byteframe was kind enough to upload a walkthrough on their channel over here.

Edinburgh 70 was nominated for a Prix Europa prize!
As well as for The Royal Television Society Innovation Award!
OMA (Video-Art / Installation)


OMA is the death portrait of an amalgamated version of Doppel Real’s deceased grandmothers. Digitally unearthed from the material grave, OMA is becoming a cyber-saint, an incorruptible, a transhumanist fever dream.

Doppel Real have been working to overcome the material organisation of human flesh via technological resurrection after neither of them was invited to their maternal grandmothers' funerals.
Incidentally, they now also reshaped their families’ denial of closure into deflating the power of multiple generations of mother issues.

Doppel Real cannot await the reaction of their families, who will surely appreciate the good news of the triumphant resurrection of their beloved dead relatives and their reburial into a virtual hell-dimension years after they came to terms with their passing.

Supported by the National Lottery through
Creative Scotland.
Online in Kiel, Germany
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